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This morning, May 10, my newspapers didn’t arrive at my door step. It’s not even a press holiday and I don’t have my ST, BT, TNP and MYP. Has finally dawned on me that I am officially an ex-journalist and no longer entitled to free newspapers – which I have had for 26 years. But, hey, the company is giving me a 10 per cent discount; helpfully attached to my exit letter. So for the first time ever, I am ACTUALLY going to be a subscriber. And instead of reporting news, I figured it would make quite a change to comment on the reported news instead. Yes? No?

  1. Ah, finally you are free to write your thoughts without having an editor….hooray!

  2. Editors have their uses leh. Every writer needs an editor! To point out gaps in logical construction etc. Frankly, I get a bit worried about NOT having an editor. Wouldn’t want to post rubbish without someone else casting a critical eye over it first!

  3. Sounds good. It’s always good to have a change. 🙂

  4. Love the title of your blog. And btw I thought highly of the writing you did at ST, so I will be dropping by regularly to read your posts.

    Just a few days ago, my household stopped subscribing to the ST. My withdrawal symptoms are tangible still but that’s how it is when one attempts to unplug from the matrix.

  5. Oh, just saw you article on TOC and realised you’re no longer with SPH. What happen? Did you retire, got sacked, retrenched? Pray tell.

  6. Wonderful blog entries. I read 2 blog entries before/during my lunch (Shhh) and I’ll be back to read the rest. 🙂

  7. Can always pay to read other journalist stuffs when we desire, if not, then comes the social media that’s absolutely free to air.

  8. Ah, it’s great to read your stuff again Bertha!

  9. I get mad when I read some of the things in the Forum pages of ST – it’s hard to follow the main paper from overseas and I’m not going to waste time wading through all the pap so I follow the letters when I can access ST and when Internet access allows me to post my comments.

    However I am so happy you take them to task for such rubbish.

  10. Congrats, Bertha, on some lovely writing! makes a change from ST columnists either too high-browed or frankly silly! Sylvia

  11. Bertha, your blog is such a riveting read. Detached from the hysterics that other blogs have but still very critical in a nonpartisan manner. I am coming back for more, definitely. Kudos!

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog. Like your perspective on things. Great stuff! Good job!

  13. I’ve always enjoyed reading your pieces and now with your own blog using a newspaper-like column layout, I’ve decided to discontinue my subscription to ST and just read this site. Don’t think I’ll miss anything much, except adverts offering discounts and freebies. Please continue with your well crafted entries.

  14. […] I’m highlighting this issue to your BFF Bertha Hanson anyway. She owns this awesome blog where she writes whatever’s on her mind and takes apart […]

  15. 1. I just stumbled onto your blog. Was wondering why I haven’t seen your articles in a while. If I remember correctly, the 1st article of yours that I read was some years back about your experience living in an old apartment off River Valley Road. (Apologies if I’m wrong – age affecting memory)

    2. Seems like quite a few reporters whose articles are worth reading have left ST……yourself, Lorna, Susan, Ching…..of course Ignatius & Sumiko remain to make Sunday morning interesting.

    3. Welcome to the club of “not SPH staff” who have been paying for the ads, coupons, news + regurgitation of SG government press releases…..

    4. Your writings reflect a new found freedom of expression balanced with a sense of responsibility. Must be making your ex-colleagues envious……well I guess it’s a trade-off of freedom for rice-bowl. I’ll definitely be visiting your blog often.

    • Hello. Nice to re-connect with a reader always. Yes, I did write about that walk-up. Torn down liao.

      • You’ve made my day!
        Now I realize my memory isn’t as bad as I feared.
        I used to visit my grandma & aunt at River Valley Road – their apartment has also been torn down…..sentimental values have no place in SG & cannot stand in the way of progress, profit & contribution to economic activities that drives GDP……plus we need more places to house the 6.9Million

  16. It took the stupid Population White Paper to make me stumble across your blog. When I saw the addy, I thought it didn’t seem right. The views did not quite jive with SPH’s spiel. And then, I came here, and am enlightened. But you are absolutely right – 4 in 10 marrying foreigners may actually worsen the local Singaporean situation. You have my vote!

  17. Why have you closed comments on ‘Sickening News’ so soon? TB and especially dengue fever are of interest to me. Are you aware of the fact that a simple cheap remedy for dengue fever has been scientifically endorsed? Time is of the essence here because of what you stated about the TB topic. Papaya leaf extract cure, PLXC, explained all over my blog 🙂 rapidly raises platelet and white blood cell counts in 24/hrs. In my wildest guessing, I do believe PLX would have a positve effect no matter the illness. For now, I will share this one link — to stimulate your interest towards PLX it may be of benefit to share. The intent of my blog is to stop the extended suffering and deaths of innocent children in the face of recently scientifically endorsed cures from more than one source.

    • actually I dont know how to even “open comments” much less how or when to close. some auto thing in wordpress. I will try educate myself about it

      • I came across that the other day. Will get back to you so as to pass on the correct information. Congratulations of knowing when it is time to quit an employment.

      • Start at WP main menu bar – clk on My Blogs
        …clk Blog Admin
        …scrl dwn to Discussion
        …scrl dwn to Other Comment Settings
        …find Auto close comment
        do not click box unless you want to set the number of days in the box for # of days

        I started learning WP from the Support Menu, step by step, then reviewed, improved, and back to Support Menu help. So many great options.

      • Scroll to the end of:

        “Automatically Closing Comments

        It’s possible to turn comments off automatically after a certain number of days. To do that, go to the Settings -> Discussion page and look for Other comment settings on the left. Check the box next to the following option, fill in the number of days, and save.”

        Great blog BTW! I have noticed that you have become a lot more impartial;) Keep up the good work.

      • thanks! btw, do check out site la

  18. Hi Bertha,

    Like some here, I stumbled onto your blog from a friend’s posting on FB. Just dropping you a note to say that I enjoyed your articles when you were in ST and tellingly, am enjoying your insights even more here! Three cheers for the keen commentaries and oftentimes pithy insights. Please do convey my thanks also to the other contributors to the Breakfast Network, especially the commentary ‘Don’t worry, I understand, I am Singaporean’ by Chris Henson, which the ‘rocket-scientist’ in my is suspecting to be related to you in some way? Hahaha. Thanks once again.

  19. Your blog serves a real function for ‘news junkies’ like myself…interestingly I have learned more about the Little India COI inquiry from your blog as compared to the combined information on the mainstream media sites….keep up the good work!!

  20. hi! love the way you write so Singaporean! *click – connected*

  21. Looking forward to meeting you at the Singapore Writers Festival! 😀

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