We made Amos Famous

In News Reports on March 31, 2015 at 10:07 am

What is wrong with Amos Yee?
Did he think we’ll go tee-hee
When he mocked Christianity?

And those jibes on LKY
Did he think that they would fly?
Did he think “I’ll just try, try?’’

Some say Amos is just a boy
Who thinks YouTube is just a toy
Even if some people he did annoy

Some say he’s a special kid
Who made an extra special vid
No foolish thing YOU ever did?

We want blood, some bayed
He should be flogged and flayed
That’s the price to be paid!

Now Amos’ got his day in court
Wonder if that’s what he sought
Then we’ve been suckered by his plot

He came out with a big wide grin
His poor parents, the reporters pinned
Dad said sorry for son’s sin

Chill, people, coz can’t you see
This kid is just a wannabe?
Commiserations to his family…

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