Eurasian answers to pesky questions

In Society on October 6, 2014 at 2:59 am

Sunday Lifestyle has a piece on how Eurasians deal with pesky questions about their identity in the wake of the Joseph Schooling nationality “crisis”. I don’t think those interviewed gave the full works. So here’s how I deal with it. Yup, this is a Eurasian talking – father of Danish descent and mother who is a nonya.

Q: How come your name so funny?

A: Funny meh? How come your name so common? Very big family ah? (This way, you divert attention from yourself and the questioner will have to say his family not so big)

Q: You look like you mixed blood…are you?

A: Ya, like cocktail like that. (Emphasis on the word “cock’’. In case you didn’t know, mixed blood is derogatory, like mongrel )

Q: You look like angmoh. Which country you come from?

A: From Singapore. You look like Chinese. You come from China ah? (Because Chinese Singaporeans don’t like being mistaken for a PRC…)

Q: You talk like Singaporean, but you can’t be right? Live here long time liao ah?

A: Ya, since the day I was born. You?

Q: How come you can speak Mandarin?

A: Learnt in school. I can also speak Hokkien. Want to hear? (Proceed with some swear words. Bound to create instant camaraderie)

Q: I hear all Eurasians very laid-back, can sing, play guitar.  True or not?

A: Not sure. You can play the er-hu?

Q: You supposed to put down your race…

A: Ya ok. I am putting down 100m sprint.

Q: How come you still here? Haven’t moved to Perth or Sydney?

A: Actually, thinking Iskandar nearer. You bought place there yet or not?

Q: Eurasians all very nice-looking. Like you.

A: Thank you. I’m just lucky.

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