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In News Reports on January 25, 2014 at 1:00 am

I have been negative and nasty over the past few days. It is bad behaviour, almost as bad as putting out a video showing your classmate shouting back at your teacher in class. The blog posts about Anton Casey, the SMRT and the Home Team should not have happened. I regret they did. If they had caused anyone pain, I apologise. In fact, I am deeply disappointed and frustrated at my inability to be nice.

Oh man! That was hard, especially when you don’t mean a word…

Oh…Anyone forget that Singapore is going to be 50 years old this next year? The G is not going to let us forget it as plenty of rah-rah stuff is going to be lined up for the following August 9. It’s supposed to be “ground-up’’ movement with ideas from people on how to make sure the celebrations are inclusive.

Therefore, this is my list of nice things I/we can say/post to get in the mood for our 50th birthday.

a)     Write this to SMRT whenever a train breaks down: It’s all right/It’s okay/We will board you every day.

b)    Tell Anton Casey to come back to Singapore: We won’t shout that you’re a lout/Though we never had a doubt

c)     Reply to every troll: Go ahead and do your thing/Your damning words just make me sing

d)    Morale-raising words for the Home Team: When the going gets tough/The tough get going/When the people get rough/Just give a good showing

e)     To hospital CEOs dealing with the bed crunch: A tent will do just fine/But only for one time/Just put up a big sign/And we will sleep in line.

f)      Advice for the still confused motorists using the multi-signboarded MCE: We know that you are blind/But to say so is unkind/Just take the public bus/It’ll save you all the fuss.

Dammit…I am getting sarcastic again…Renewing effort.

g)     Consoling words for the alcohol-deprived in Little India: No liquor/No levity/Means no search up your cavity.

h)    For SMEs facing manpower crunch: Towkay don’t be sad/Things are not so bad/Close shop and start elsewhere/Or stay here and just go mad.

Sheesh…it’s not working. Last try…

i)       For cynical/angry/frustrated Singaporeans: Why are you feeling this way?/When the weather is wonderful today?


  1. Very smart Bertha, I love this especially – g) it is a real Gem👍

    You have a lovely weekend Mohan.

  2. Hi Bertha,

    I would like to put my 2 cents worth into this issue of a 50th ‘birthday’. I noticed you didn’t use that word but there are plenty of people out there using it.

    50 years of independence does not equate a birthday IMO. It is as if Singapore didn’t exist before 1965. Based on the 1819 founding looks like we are close to the Bicentennary of the founding by Raffles! That is more of a ‘birthday’ if you ask me.



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