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In News Reports, Society on February 12, 2013 at 1:31 am

Since everybody is into confessing something these days, (I’m talking about all those undergrads talking love and sex on FB), here’s a pop quiz on whether you are up to date on current affairs:

a) I confess that I had no idea that nurses are highly skilled workers

b) I confess that I never thought the Punggol East voters would desert me in droves and leave me out-of-pocket

c) I confess that I am against productivity increases because employing foreign workers is just so much easier

d) I confess that my grassroots leaders aren’t too good at reading the ground sentiments

e) I confess that I absented myself on purpose to avoid voting

f) I confess that I never minded property cooling measures because I am sure I can get around them

g) I confess that I do not want children because I hate them

h) I confess that I did not speak in Parliament because I would have made everything worse

i) I confess I don’t understand the White Paper, but I know I don’t like the 6.9m figure

j) I confess that I don’t know if the 6.9m figure is a projection or a planning parameter or a worst case scenario – but it sure is a non-starter.

k) I confess that we had sex but I won’t confess to anything else

l) I confess that I don’t know how to fix the COE system at all

m) I confess I am already feeling like a burden to the state – and I’m not even 50.

n) I confess I told them not to sell condoms to avoid corrupting bright, young minds

o) I confess I am only here to make money, not to make friends or start a family

p) I confess that I was tempted several times to use my position and stop the stream of bad analogies in Parliament.

q) I confess that I am Singaporean born and bred – and there’s just no one else like me.

No. I am not giving answers to the above.

  1. And, he confessed : ‘The Govt could have presented the White Paper better”.

  2. Thank you for this witty take on the recent happenings. Most suitable reading for the long holiday weekend.

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