The case of the philandering parliamentarian Part 3

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ST has gone one up on TNP over Palmergate, coming up with the name of Laura Ong’s boyfriend. Who is trying desperately to lose himself…The poor man is removing online traces of himself and playing hide-and-seek with the media. Still, a somewhat blurry photo of him was obtained with some background on his educational qualifications and what not.

I don’t know about you but I would give the poor guy a break. Unless ST thinks he’s the whistle-blower who went to TNP with the incriminating SMSes. Even so, I would protect his identity. He’s clearly the cuckold in the business, just as Mrs Palmer was. Now, if we are cutting the missus some slack, what about some for the boyfriend too? Unless he wants to come out and tell what he knows and let it all hang out emo-style, which is not what Singaporeans are good at as the world knows.

Likewise, I wish her now-separated husband’s identity had been kept private. He’s got nothing to do with this affair. Or did he?

I know that the media wants as much information on the saga as possible –  it’s the stuff of adrenalin-pumping reporting – but we really have got to be fair. I doubt they are thronging the gates of the Palmer residence, so what not treat Laura’s family in Marine Parade in the same manner? Obviously, she isn’t there.

There are ways to get people to talk without harassing them. I don’t think the public really wants to know who they are, but want to hear what they say. In fact, there are better chances to get them to talk if the media agrees to protect their identity. So I would give the people who are hounded the same unsolicited advice I gave Mrs Palmer – send out a press statement, give a few lines and say you want the matter to end there. Oh, and then go stay in a hotel for a few days or get out of town.

As for Palmergate, I guess the PAP leaders who were quick to fire off shots at Yaw Shin Leong and WP are really getting the brunt of online attacks now. The online world keeps reminding them of what they said then.  Goes to show that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Methinks the dust won’t quite settle until we have a firm answer on the yes or no of a by-election. Even Dr Tan Cheng Bock has weighed in on the matter, never mind the opposition parties. ST reported political watchers are helping giving some dates for possible election timings – none said there shouldn’t be one although they acknowledged that it was for the PM to make the call.

I don’t live in Punggol East, but I think they have a right to an elected representative. Why doesn’t someone go ask THEM what they think?


  1. hi bertha, in reference to your question on what punggol east residents want: ST did a straw poll of 50 residents on Wednesday night. this was in the ST reax story on Thursday:

    “Twelve residents said they wanted a by-election, 31 said it made no difference and they would leave it to the Government to decide whether or not to call one, two preferred not to have a by-election as it would be too troublesome and five had no comment.

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