A short take on sex

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Again a teacher, female as well. And the boy is in primary school! Reached puberty yet or not?  Okay, I am going to be crude here so don’t read on if you are sensitive: I suppose its sex with minor only and not with “corrupt intent’’? I mean, he didn’t get better grades or a choice spot in a secondary school or something, right? I don’t know how the CPIB thinks these days.

Well the law professor’s case is coming up – and that seems to be a sex-for-grades case. Don’t get me wrong. It’s bad if a teacher has sex with a student – they can always wait right till the student graduates. But it would be interesting to see what a legally train mind in the dock can bring to bear on this whole issue of sexual gratification, coming right after the Ng Boon Gay trial.

  1. Yet another case of an adult in a seemingly responsible position getting caught in a sexually compromising situation. Coming so soon after we were assessed to be one of the worlds most emotionless societies, i think that there is a correlation.
    Folk who are unable to talk about feelings (or even acknowledge feelings – check out alexithymia) have really restricted outlets to deal with their emotional stuff; unflrtunately the avenue for emotional release or supression of feelings is usually an addictive or compulsive behaviour, or depression/anxiety.

    This seems to be on the rise, in fact US studies show that about 5% of folk over in the US can be assessed as having a “sexual compulsivity”. I suspect that the figures are similar over here in the red dot. The figures on Singaporean men and women involved in cyber sexual activities show that we are serious about being number 1 in many things:-))

    The key to successfully overcoming an addictive or compulsive activity like sex, is to have real friends and family whom we can talk to (not the social networking variety only) -as we can only deal with stuff that is out in the open, and not things which are hidden or secrets.

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