New rules for civil servants

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This whole corrupt civil servants business has got me thinking that the Civil Service should amend its instructional manual and make it more specific.
a. Do not go for business lunches. Eat in the staff canteen. And return your tray.
b. Don’t play golf. You don’t know which business contact you might meet.
c. Don’t go on holidays with a member of the opposite sex who is not your spouse.
d. If you do need sex, go to a prostitute. Remember to pay her. And check her IC
e. That diary you’re using, is it ours?
f. Re-screen your Facebook friends. Unfriend those who have any business with you.
g. While you are at it, screen out PAP activists – you don’t know when they will appear at a National Conversation forum.
h. Don’t invite relatives who are businessmen for Chinese New Year. This is to avoid you having to receive their oranges.
i. Does your work have anything to do with procurement? Ask for a transfer.
j. Ditch your Brompton bike.

  1. Addendum to (d): Don’t forget to check IC to make sure not underage.

  2. K. Remember you are handling public money. It is not yours to spend like no tomorrow. Do your fellow citizen a favour, improve your productivity and ask for a smaller budget every year.

  3. Further addendum to (d): Do you have to do it in a car?

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