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So it’s Church and State and Civil Society in this letters saga. Each earnestly using the word “respect’’.
I will too.
a. I think we should respect the Archbishop’s decision not to make his letters public. Evidently, he has changed his mind about what he has written – and he is entitled to.
b. I don’t think Function 8’s decision to release its own letter to the Archbishop, despite the redacted parts, respects the Archbishop’s wish to make the communications private. There were phrases would seemed to imply that he agreed with its position on the detentions of the Marxist conspirators. This puts the Archbishop in a bind since he has said he won’t make his own letters public.
c. I think it’s extremely disrespectful of Function 8 to use biblical references its letter. I know the MSM has not published the full letter in print but it’s so everywhere online that too many people know that it had asked the Archbishop what he thinks should be “rendered to God’’. It’s arrogant of Function 8 to think that the Archbishop should give them a blow-by-blow response when it phrases its letter in such a way.
d. I think we should respect the line between religion and politics. Function 8’s insistence that the Archbishop release his letters is an attempt to drag him into the fray over the issue of the ISA. Seems he said some things in it that he regretted. Why push him like this?
e. With all due respect, I think the Home Affairs ministry should take itself out of this triangle. Its presence further politicises the issue. It might also want to engage in that dialogue that Function 8 has asked for.
Truth to tell, I am curious about the contents of those letters and the identity of the mysterious Mr X on the cc list too. But in this instance, I am not sure transparency is the key element that should be respected in this tangle. Already, I am watching the issue unfold with some consternation along with, I am sure, my fellow Catholics. As I said, the Church will close ranks and rally behind their leader, whatever his political orientation, as respected Church lay leader Gerard Ee said in his Forum Page letter in ST today.
Respectfully, I ask again that every side backs down.

  1. Hmm…. Respect– methinks Function 8 and Alex Au deserve respect too. His Grace has accused Fn8 and Au of the intention to misuse the letter ( it can only be for the greater good?). There is no evidence basis for such allegations. And the main thing is — did G arm-twisted A? Everybody would really like to know. How everything got out of hand started from the hand of A. methinks it only fair A graciously explains what went on to cause his retraction of the letter….and why and how his letter might have caused harm… ( this is one of the few times i disagree with you!) best regards – TK

  2. Dear Bertha,

    I understand your natural affinity towards defending matters relating to your faith. Unfortunately, whether intended or otherwise the bishop has stepped into this political maelstrom of his own making. One could conceivably claim that ’twas naïveté that has prompted him act as such and that he now finds himself a political football played between former political Catholic detainees and the MHA.

    Suffice to say that none of us are in possession of the the full facts of this case. What I do urge you to do is to maintain a healthy skepticism towards all parties involved. Your blind faith in the bishop flies in the face of the falabilities we have witnessed in the clergy these pass years. Child abuse is but of one of several cases of tragic consequences of misplaced trust. The Roman Catholic clergy have also been known to be on the wrong side of the political divide too ( e.g.Nazi Germany and South America).

    I say all this with the greatest respect for the RC Church. Only God deserves our faith. Clergy like us are human too.

    Best regards

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