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There are a few reasons some words/phrases have quote marks around them.

Of course, they are the newsmakers’ words, words so startling that the journalist wants to make sure readers realise that they haven’t been paraphrased. Or they are in quote marks because the journalist doesn’t know what to make of them,

Like today’s story on Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen’s interview ahead of SAF Day. I am referring to the story that everyone will read – about second-generation PRs who skip NS. They will face “harsh penalties’, said Dr Ng,’ and “adverse consequences”, said a Mindef spokesman. What they are, I have no clue. Such grand sounding words but what do they mean? The death penalty???? A written warning? I guess the quote marks are there for a reason – the journalist doesn’t know and the authorities aren’t telling. Sheesh.

  1. Yes, isn’t it as simple as ABC to solve the problem with a law that says the children of PR parents can only apply for PR only on their 18th birthday and for males only after they have completed NS?

    For one, this would ensure that the children of PR do not ‘freeload’ on the opportunities and entitlements of a PR and truly level the field for local born and bred Singaporeans. It would also be an incentive for the PR parents to encourage their offsprings to ‘sign on’.

    Alternatively, a bond can be imposed on all male PR eligible for NS which would be forfeited if they decide to renounce their PR status. One don’t see how this is unfair since Singaporeans who sons go overseas are subject to the same requirement of a bond.

    It only depends on whether the govt has the political will. Commonsense would point out that when a PR renounces his status to avoid NS, his parents and he would be facing the so called ‘harsh penalities’ and ‘adverse consequences’ promised by Minister Ng, but Singaporean taxpayers would already have been taken for a ride all those years by the benefits the children of PR would have enjoyed which is nothing to sneeze at even in the light of recent adjustments by govt in response to Singaporeans unhappiness, before they renounced PRship.

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