So what if we’re rich?

In Money, News Reports on June 21, 2012 at 3:33 am

Okay, this is my usual tirade about numbers. Now it’s about the number of millionaires everywhere. Interesting that there were two sets of angles – That Singapore millionaire numbers have come down (am I suppose to worry?) and Singapore’s rich list is longer than Hong Kong’s (is a yay! expected?). I find numbers interesting because you can read so much into them depending on what numbers you want to focus on. Which is why I prefer to see whole sets of numbers and determine for myself what’s important.

I therefore declare My Paper as the newspaper with the best set of infographics.

It’s a no-brainer, idiot-proof graphic – and I mean that in a good sense.

Much better than BT’s

Anyway, never mind the numbers – the main thing is, what’s the point? Or rather, so what? So what if we have fewer millionaires than before, and so what if our rich list is longer than HK’s?

BT went straight for the implications of the shift of wealth to Asia on wealth managers. The rest remained more reportage than anything else with attempts to explain the ups and downs. What I thought intriguing: these high net worth individuals  include foreign residents metinks. I wonder what that proportion is. Maybe the Hongkongers came over here. Another thing I found disconcerting – there was an earlier survey last week on the number of Singapore millionaire households – and the number at 188,000 if twice the number of high-net worth individuals.

How does this compute?

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