Turning green

In News Reports, Writing on June 15, 2012 at 2:08 am

Usually, when I come across reports about the environment, my eyes glaze over. I try reading those reports now because the weather’s been so hellish. What’s with the heat man? I missed reading about the launch of Singapore’s climate change strategy in ST and BT but Today’s version caught my eye. I guess it’s because it’s on page one and had this intriguing headline – Not watching TV now? Then turn it off. First thought: Today, a Mediacorp production, is telling me to turn off the TV….Hmmm

But I found the piece interesting because it went into the nuts and bolts of how me, the individual, could save on energy bills. There was some reporting done, with experts weighing in on how to get households aware of the need to eat less energy. But an enforced black-out and water rationing exercises? Aiyoh….

So I went in  search for the story in BT and ST. I mean, DPM Teo Chee Hean launched the book so can’t possibly be ignored right? BT gave a big picture overview with figures on how much carbon emissions Singapore aims to cut by when. Then there were some useful statistics on what sort of emissions were being produced by the different sectors and some of the plans introduced to get the levels down.

ST went on why Singapore’s cuts were so small compared to other countries. Why the apologetic tone? I wondered if readers already knew that the cuts were small and hence had this question in their minds.

Sure, it’s an interesting question but I wish there was more reporting on the climate change strategy itself. I figured that the strategy is probably not new. Hence so little play. It’s a constant problem for the media – to have report on what’s been reported before. On balance, however, I think the issue is important enough to warrant a re-cap. Will such a report bore readers? Not if it’s written interestingly enough and the significance of the strategy brought home. I wish there was a report which led off with the Today angle, used BT for the main body of content – and ended with the question that led the ST story. Better organised this way, methinks

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