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Here’s a picture that made me smile.

I wonder how long it took these Chinese grads to perfect their Last Supper pose. I also if Singapore grads celebrate their exit in creative ways. Would be good to see some local pictures.

And the story that made me smile – In TNP, on My grandfather’s road. The people whose ancestors gave their names to roads in Singapore. What a beautiful slice of life story. Go buy TNP.

And the story that made me ahhhh, raise my eyebrows – In BT, CapLand’s Liew Mun Leong who said shoebox flats are inhuman having to defend his own “shoebox” flats (he maintains his are slightly bigger). He’s changed the term from “inhumane” to “restrictive” by the way.  Go buy BT

  1. While not a graduation celebration, a Singaporean photographer created the Last Wonton Mee:

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