Let them fight

In News Reports, Society on June 3, 2012 at 11:20 pm

Because I might be making my home in University Town, I was interested to read about the cyber attacks on a University Scholars Programme student who stays there.

I took a while to find out what cutting remarks were made about her – too far down the article. And I thought to myself, such elite, uncaring faces! There was a point in the university’s reply that intrigued me – that the comments did not reach an intensity or scale that demanded disciplinary action. Hmm… the ST story said that the few who stood up for her were drowned out by the nasty comments…

Then I turned to TNP story which said that the bullying comments could be counted on the fingers on both hands and that there were sympathetic and emphatic noises which were left out. Question: How many? I wish there was more on what other students said. News reports shouldn’t be focusing on the idiots who make stupid comments but give space to other voices which counter them as well. Cyber-bullying happens. But sometimes we shouldn’t be making too big a deal of it, especially if the community is capable of policing itself. I mean, these are students who are the cream of the crop – let them go have a good fight – and see which view prevails.

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