Cemetery Section 3

In News Reports, Writing on May 30, 2012 at 8:10 am

I realised there were a couple more things I missed out in Sections 1 and 2. So here they are. More to do with behaviour than anything else. Of the “irate” kind. ..I mean, As usual, my disclaimer, nothing wrong with using them. But man, oh man, can we see more originality?

Raised eyebrows.

I raise my eyebrows every time I read about people raising their eyebrows. So useful the phrase…Can mean anything from “Ohhh. What a surprise…” to “What in heaven’s name is happening here?!” But too many people seem to be raising eyebrows that they’re apt to remain permanently stuck like a bad face lift.


Nobody gets fazed by anything this days. So he is “unfazed”. This does not “faze” him. I guess its a substitute for worry? Upset? Rankled? Irritated? Take your pick.

Pop the champagne

Usually used in the negative sense as in…it is not time to pop the champagne. I always imagine the HDB heartlander on reading about some goodish (can be quite bad)  news going to his non-existent cellar and bringing out his Dom Perignon. Enough to make me drown in my beer

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