When a graphic tells it best

In News Reports, Writing on May 13, 2012 at 11:30 pm

The New Paper does it again with its graphics. I know now exactly what happened in the Ferrari crash and how the taxi and motorcyle were involved in the collision. The graphic was enough of a story – and frankly TNP could have dispensed with most of the text, which made the whole collision course confusing. It’s such useful graphics tied to the news that readers most appreciate I think. The ST had a beautiful one too, on shophouses. Beautifully executed; well-researched. But hardly urgent enough to warrant my attention so early in the morning. I’ll appreciate it later – which probably means “never”.

And talking about Ferraris…is it my imagination or are fast cars getting into crashes more frequently? With so many of them on the road now (you never see a Geely no more…) I wonder how many drivers can really handle these moving powerhouses.

  1. Hi Bertha! Glad you have this blog. It feels like Advanced Journalism class all over again 🙂 (Yes, I’ve been missing work, can you tell?)


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