Hougang by-election

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Okay, my first day in unemployment and the paper had to be filled with a big political story. It’s about time. That there was a by-election, that is. I supervised and reported the last one, the Marine Parade GRC by-election in 1992. That was when then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong threw down the gaunlet and decided to re-contest the GRC, pulling along Teo Chee Hean with him. Renewal of the ranks, he said. And I guess he wanted a firm mandate on his leadership as well. The thing I remembered about the introduction of Mr Teo, then Commodore, later Rear-Admiral, now Minister, we asked him about his family and he said his father worked in a bank. We were thinking teller? Loan officer? And George Yeo who introduced him piped up to tell us his father wasn’t just ANY banker, but a really big shot in OCBC. I guess at election time,  you don’t want to boast about your pedigree. Would probably be the same this time round too, with both candidates stressing their man-on-the ground credentials. So, what are we going to see? A repeat of Anson? I found it weird that political watchers actually thought that a GRC would be up for grabs. Since Marine Parade, none had been put to the ground, never mind a missing Member or two.  Now I really want to know more about Hougang, a real close-up look at the constituency of just 25,000 voters. State of town town council, number of blocks (any rental? upgraded), what sort of shops…coz I am betting that the fight would be more local than national. And not personal, I hope. I mean, I wouldn’t care what Yaw Shin Leong did in his spare time in the past…

  1. Will you be walking the ground at Hougang to give your honest insight on what’s reported versus your gut feel?

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